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Winter Comfort Foods Taking a Tole

Winter Comfort Foods Taking a Toll



It has been a while now since I wrote about the progress of my weight loss challenge, so I thought I would bring you all up to date with what I have been doing since the last time I wrote.

You may remember that my last post was a celebration of hitting my first major weight loss milestone. Since then the weather has taken a few turns for the worse and the temperature here in the UK is around what it should be for this time of year with the exception of a few days here and there when the sun decides to shine and things feel a little more spring like.

I have found it tough this last month to stick rigorously to my diet plan and have found myself wandering off the beaten track in favour of more “comfort” type foods. It seems that when the weather is cold and wet, your body craves certain things like potatoes and stews.

So I have been indulging in homemade shepherds pie and consuming a lot more bread than my diet was allowing for. All in all a worrying time as far as weigh in have been concerned, but I am pleased to announce that my weight has not moved from what it was when I wrote last.

So it would seem that I am consuming the optimum amount of calories that my body requires to function on a daily basis. I was worried that the over indulgence in foods for which I had not counted on as part of my diet, would severely impact on my weight and set me back a few weeks, but luckily as I mentioned I have maintained a status quo on the weight front and have neither gained any or lost any weight since my last post, which is in itself a huge achievement for me and shows me that my re-education towards eating has really sunk in to my subconscious.

I know that the biggest part of my calories consumption in the past took place in the evenings when I would snack on all kinds of savoury snacks and calorific products. I have not reverted to that habit and I feel it is this that has saved me from gaining weight, plus the fact that I have continued to drink the sugar-free versions of the soft drinks that I love so much and they actually taste rather nice when you get used to them. I did have a full fat fizzy drink the other week and the difference in taste was unreal and not necessarily in a good way. The sugar rush was immense and the drink seemed to coat my whole math with syrup, just goes to show how bad these drinks can be, when drunk in the amount that I used to drink them.

I will write again when I am back on the road and have some new weight related facts to share with you, until then stay safe.ing a Toll


Winter Comfort Foods Taking a Tole

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