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Weight Loss Milestone Reached,



Well today started off better than most days, I have purposely been avoiding weighing myself and haven’t done so in over a Week. So I thought that today I would face the music and weigh in.
Great news I have reached one of my major milestones ahead of schedule, I am pleased to tell you that I have managed to lose over three stones in weight or 42 pounds, since starting on my weight loss challenge. I really am over the moon with this result as the benefits from it are being felt every day as I go about my daily routine.

Not only do I have more energy now, I also don’t get out of breath as easily and my clothes are fitting me to the point that I am almost ready to drop down 2 sizes in my tee shirts. It is not only my tee shirts that are becoming increasingly baggier, my feet seem to fit into my trainers better now. So I guess I must be losing weight all over.

I am fully aware that I have a long way to go to reach my ultimate goal of losing a total of 10 stone, 140 pounds. But I am confident that it is well within my grasp of doing so now that I have reached this first milestone. I can’t express enough how excited I am about this years camping adventures, this weight loss will have such a huge impact on the quality of holiday I have, not to mention all the walking that I’m looking forward to doing.

I do hope that those of you out there who have also taken up the dieting challenge are having similar success with your weight loss. And I look forward to sharing more good news with you all when I have some to report.


Weight Loss Milestone Reached

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