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Weight Loss Diary Porridge Epiphany


Porridge……. What a foodstuff!


It’s been a long time since I had a bowl of porridge, so long in fact I think I was in Junior school at the time. But today I allowed this breakfast cereal back into my life and the sheer taste of it brought memories flooding back. Okay maybe it didn’t but how do you dress up porridge to make it worth writing about?

Well how about the fact that a 50g bowl is 185Kcal and porridge has more nutrients and vitamins in it than most other breakfast cereals. Or how about the fact that it takes next to no time to make and you have a piping hot meal to start your day (perfect for winter).

I don’t eat breakfast.


That’s the excuse I have been coming out with for years, but it seems I have been missing out on a good thing. Today I had my first breakfast in years in the form of a bowl of porridge, I ate it and sat back and thought to myself, I’m still hungry! By the time I had finished my first cup of tea of the day, the porridge had gone to work and magically I felt full and unbelievably warm too. Ever likely the three bears liked it so much.

I remained feeling full until around 1pm so just in time for my dinner, I never thought I would but I am starting to like this dieting caper, its teaching me a lot about food groups that I never knew existed.

How’s the calorie counting going?


Well it’s funny you should ask that because it is going quite well too. My aim is 1900Kcal per day and I’m getting there slowly but surely. Some days I am over but I am trying my best not to go over the 2500Kcal recommended daily allowance.
The days so far have been 2838Kcal – 2512kcal – 1952Kcal.

Basically I have managed to reduce the calorie intake by watching what I eat and by replacing high calorie foods and drinks with low-calorie alternatives, so gone are the sugary fizzy drinks, replaced with weak mixtures of cordial and water. I have switched from white bread to wholemeal bread and I have been having rice or pulses as an accompaniment to meals rather than chips or the like.

So all in all things seem to be going well, I’m sure it will get harder as time progresses and I start to crave the things I have cut out of my diet. But I will cross that bridge when I get to it.


Weight Loss Diary Porridge Epiphany

Thanks for reading.
Peace Out
Martin x


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