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Weight Loss Challenge Week 4 Tougher Battles


Status Quo.


Well here I am at the end of week four of my weight loss challenge and this is the first time that after weighing myself I have found my weight to be the same as it was last week.
This in itself is disappointing and I soon find that I am getting negative thoughts about the whole dieting process. After a sharp talking too, I am able to drawer the positives from this weeks weigh in.

The Positives.


The way I look at it is, this may be the first week I have not lost any weight, but it is also the first week that I have not gained any weight either. Todays weigh in result has reinforced my belief that in order to lose the amount of weight that I want to lose, I am going to have to start exercising a lot more than I currently am.
My diet has remained unchanged and if anything it has further improved as I continue to tweak the types of foods I am eating. And continue to introduce more fruit and vegetables into my diet.
I’m finding that I have more energy during the day and I don’t need a jump start to get me going in a morning. Some days I don’t even need a cup of tea before I tackle my chores.


Outlook for Week 5.


It is obvious that I need to start to exercise every day, so my goal for the next week is to begin that routine and stick to it. The problem with me is I am lazy when it comes to physical exertion, but I have come to far now to throw it all away.
I intend on introducing more herbal teas into my days and gradually fading out the caffeine laden brands I drink at the moment.
So that’s more exercise and more teas and also remembering to keep an eye on my calorie intake.


Weight Loss Challenge Week 4 Tougher Battles

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