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Weight Loss Challenge Second Phase.



Tomorrow sees the beginning of the second phase of my weight loss challenge, as I move into my third week, I feel ready to begin implementing a fitness regime into my daily routine.



I found it to be quite confusing as to what sort of exercise I wanted to do, there are so many different forms of exercise that to a new comer it’s all a bit of a minefield.
I knew for certain that I didn’t want to have to spend a lot of money on any equipment I might need and also joining a gym was out of the question, both for financial reasons and purely the fact that a gym isn’t for me.
I already own an exercise bike and a sit up roller, but I needed something that I could do away from home as well as when I’m at home. So I opted for a set of dumbbells, I used to enjoy weight training when I was younger so this seemed the obvious choice.





After shopping around online and reading countless reviews, I decided that a 10 Kilogram set of dumbbells would be sufficient to begin with. I bought mine from a dealer on Amazon called WeRsports the set cost me £16.76 and arrived the next day. I opted for vinyl covered sand filled weights as opposed to the cast iron alternative. The reason for this is I have had cast iron weights before and the paint tends to chip off as they get knocked about and then they begin to rust. Also vinyl ones will be a lot quieter when changing the weights up or down. The set looks quite good, it is black and the actual bar is threaded and has a hexagonal nut that holds the weights in place, so should be easier to change the weights than the old-fashioned couplers I used to have.



It is my goal to implement a weights routine into my day to start working my upper body and regaining some upper body strength. I will use the exercise bike and sit up roller as the weeks progress. But at first I think it is more important to get my heart pumping and weights will do just that. I opted for dumbbells because they come in pairs so I will be able to keep one at home and one at my parents house. That way I can exercise there as well as at home.




I hope that by undergoing this new regime of exercise the weight loss will increase. As with the calorie counting I plan to take exercising slowly and build on it day by day. It is also worth me mentioning that I have introduced a treat system into my weight loss regime, the way it works is as long as I hit my daily goals for that week, I am then entitled to a treat from Amazon as a reward for doing well. I have also allowed myself one sin meal a week so this week for instance I had a battered fish from the chip shop, I find that these small rewards give me something to aim for each week and lets face it who doesn’t like a treat?



weight loss challenge second phase

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