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Weight Loss Challenge First Weeks Weight Loss

Weight Loss Challenge First Week.

Well I have almost completed my first week of dieting and I have to say it’s all gone rather well. I’ve learned so much about the food that I eat and also alternatives to foods that are calorific or have high sugar/fat contents. My diet is becoming altogether healthier and I feel better as a result.



What have I Learned?


First thing I have learned these past six days is the amount of calories that food contains is a lot higher than I ever imagined it to be, a friend asked me the other day, “how I had gone so many years, not understanding how many calories I was eating”. My answer is I used to fool myself into believing that what I was eating was good for me and for a lot of years I have hoodwinked myself into not needing to know the amount of calories that I was consuming. It is too easy to say “I will start tomorrow” but as the old adage goes tomorrow never comes.
I have managed to reduce my calories down to around the 1950Kcal per day mark, some days I may go over that and some day’s like yesterday for example I manage to eat below the 1950Kcal fresh hold and yesterday I clocked up a mere 1828Kcal.




A lot of this dieting/healthy eating lark is straight forward and needs no explanation, when it comes to substituting foods though I have found a little research into alternatives has been a great help. A friend told me about a website that is run by the N.H.S. here in the UK but I think the information contained on that site will be of value to everyone so here’s a link to it:

NHS UK Live well

Thanks to Mark for pointing me in the direction of that website, it has become a valuable source of information for me this week. There is a great browser-based calorie counter on there and they even have a 12 week diet plan with printable weekly planners on the site and all for free.
So far I have substituted White Bread for Wholemeal, Chips for rice/pasta (wholemeal and brown), added more vegetables and pulses to my diet and avoided fatty meats such has sausages, burger, streaky bacon etc. I have replaced the fizzy drinks I love so much with cordial diluted with water and I have stopped having sugar in my coffee.



You may think I am exaggerating here when I say that I feel a hundred times better than I did this time last week, but it’s true, I really do feel different! My energy levels are higher now than they have been for years, I’m more alert during the day and early evening as opposed to nodding off during the day. I seem to be sleeping better (although with my track record of sleeping, time will tell). My skin feels softer and my complexion seems to have improved. Hark at me hey sounding like an advert for moisturising cream!


What’s next.


Whilst totally happy with how this week has gone, I am fully aware that there will be weeks when I don’t feel this way about things. Once the honeymoon period wears off and my mood swings start to impact on my plans, that is when the real hard work will start. But I am hopeful that I will remain close to my target levels and not let my progress slide. Also I will begin to build exercising into my daily routine little by little to help further with the weight loss and thus move me closer to my goal of becoming more healthier.


Weight Loss Challenge First Week

Thanks for reading!
Peace Out
Martin x


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