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Weight Loss Challenge December Update.



Well it has been a few weeks since I wrote about my weight loss challenge, the main reason for this is that I haven’t really been trying anything different or indeed on some days I haven’t been trying at all.


Weigh in.


So as you can imagine, I was dreading weighing myself after avoiding doing so for a few weeks. I stepped on to the digital scales and waited for what seemed like an eternity. Eventually I felt brave enough to look down and see what the display was reading. To my absolute shock and delight, the reading was 3 pounds lower than the last time I weighed myself. cynic that I am, I of course reset the scales and repeated the process another two times. But both times I was presented with the same reading.

Food for thought.


The reason behind my relaxation of my weight loss regime was to test myself and to see how I will cope over the Christmas period when I indulge in all the Christmas goodies.
The fact that I had lost weight during this time of relaxation, just goes to show how much I have re-educated myself when it comes to the food I consume on a daily basis. I honestly expected to of gained 14 pound or so within this period and I was well prepared to throw myself into the dieting again at full speed.
I haven’t really over indulged myself during this relaxed period, but I haven’t stopped myself from eating bread (which I love) and treating myself to a few chocolates here and there or a sugar laden dessert etc.
Just goes to show that the bulk of what I now eat is still helping me to lose weight and this fills me with optimism for the new year ahead.

New year, New me.


My plan is to get Christmas out-of-the-way and then really crack back into the strict dieting regime and too also begin to build in lots more exercise. It is my goal that by the end of February 2017 I will have lost another 2 stones (28 pounds). This will be the game changer as far as health and fitness are concerned, because I know that in order to lose that amount of weight in the 2 months, I will have to increase my exercise regime a lot more than it is at present. Which in turn will hopefully make me feel better inside as it will open up new avenues of recreation for me and ultimately set me up nicely for the new camping season in 2017.

I would like to take this opportunity to thank all the people who have supported me and sent messages of encouragement too me over these past few months, your words always go a long way in helping me succeed with this challenge and for that I am truly grateful. I would also like to wish all readers a very merry Christmas and a happy new year. I will continue my weight loss journal in 2017 and hope that you continue to read about my progress.


Weight Loss Challenge December Update

See you all in 2017
Peace out
Martin x


Weight Loss Challenge December Update — 4 Comments

  1. Martin, congratulations on actually weight during the holiday season. I need to go to my doctor today and he is going to admonish me again about my weight so I know how difficult it is. However, 2 stones in 2 months would require a starvation diet. A pound of fat represents about 3500 calories. Normal activity probably uses 2500 calories a day. Diets are typically 1500 calories/day so without exercise, a well-followed diet, might result in a 10 lb/month loss. Exercise is great for getting in shape and cardiovascular improvement but aggressive walking is worth about 300 calories/hr so you would need an awful lot to walk a mile to compensate for a single biscuit and who eats one?

    My daughter-in-laws father gave me a book many years ago by Barry Sears. He has several all with “Zone” in the title. He’s a biochemist and has a very scientific discussion of weight loss and maintenance. I’d suggest reading one or more of his books.

    Anyway, I know how hard it is, especially at this time of year, and wish you well.

  2. Congrats Martin for losing any weight during this time of year! I am good to just maintain. More breads sneak into my diet during the winter months as comfort food – not so much sweets. Bread, pasta, rice and potatoes are my downfall – if it is warm and topped with butter…. I try to limit to a serving twice a week but when chicken and dumplings (biscuits) call me and warm my tummy, it is hard to resist. Come January it will be “clean foods” – protein, vegetables and fruit. I think each of us has to find the foods that cause us to overindulge and then limit them.

    Best of luck for 2017 – stay healthy!

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