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Weight Loss Challenge Brightening Dietary Foodstuffs.





We all know that dieting is in itself a challenge, but it becomes much more of a challenge when the food that you are eating starts to appear dull and bland. This is where I found myself to be this week and knew that I had to find a way to inject some excitement into what was rapidly becoming a chore of a diet.

Sweet Tooth.


I have always considered myself to be more of a savoury person than a sweet toothed person. But this diet is throwing up surprises at every turn none more so than a sudden craving for sugary foods. Knowing all to well that this is a dangerous area within the world of dieting, I decided to research just what I could replace sugar with.

Fizzy Drinks.

These have been the hardest for me to give up. Having been consuming them since childhood it was like bidding farewell to an old friend. That was until I discovered Zero drinks. All the top soda manufacturers have developed a range of their big selling drinks with zero sugar and an amazingly low 3 kcal per 330 ml can. So I bought some sprite zero to try, it isn’t the same as the full fat version, but it is a damn site tastier than tap water. It also goes a long way to quenching a sugar craving, without actually consuming ridiculous amounts of the dreaded white grains.

Spreads and Jams.

Another way I have found of putting a little sweetness into my diet is by introducing spreads and jams to my daily snacks of cracker breads and the like. Not only does this help convince me I am eating a sugary treat it makes the cracker breads and crisp breads taste better and removes the dryness. You obviously have to choose wisely as to what sort of spread you are going to use, but with a little bit of research I opted for Meridian’s Crunchy Almond Butter. A lot like peanut butter only made from almonds, it is a totally organic product that contains no added sugar, no palm oil and no added salt. Obviously if you were to eat it by the jar on a daily basis it would pile the weight back on in no time, but used as a thin spread it adds that extra taste sensation that crackers and the like lack.
There are also Fruit Jams on the market that boast the same level of organics and they too are naturally sweetened with none of the bad things added. For a little treat it works well.

Dried Fruits

These are a good way of getting one of your five a day and they can be added to your breakfast cereals and will in turn provide a natural sweetener to your chosen cereal. I like to throw some in with my porridge just to give it a sweeter taste. Used in sensible portions dried fruit can really be an energy booster to help start the day.


Tinned Fruits.

The cheaper alternative to fresh fruit, always buy the fruit in juice or water rather than the fruit in syrup. Because they are tinned they can happily sit in your food cupboard for a few years until you wanted to eat them. Of course we wont be leaving them in the cupboard for any length of time, but it’s a notable bonus to tinned fruit because they keep longer than their fresher cousins. I used tinned fruit as a dessert alternative to cakes etc. They are also great for brightening up a natural yoghurt. You can even add tinned fruit to your daily smoothie in your smoothie maker and that’s got to be better than peeling apples and oranges to make a smoothie.


So that’s how I have been combating the sugar cravings so far in my weight loss challenge, now I need to research savoury snacks and see what I can bring into my diet to give my meals a bit of zing.

Weight Loss Challenge Brightening Dietary Foodstuffs

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