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Weight Gained Body Drained A Time for Restrain.

Weight Gained Body Drained A Time for Restrain.


It has been a while since I last wrote about my weight loss challenge that I set myself last September. So I thought it was about time that I dusted off the bathroom scales and faced the music.

Over the Winter and into Spring, I have allowed myself to fall into the trap of comfort eating because of poor weather. This as eventually had a negative effect on my weight, causing me to put back on half of the weight that I fought so hard to lose. This epiphany moment whilst stood on the scales, prompted me to take a long hard look at the type and amount of food I have been shovelling into my mouth on a daily basis. The results were shocking to say the least.

Without even realising it, I had allowed my calorie intake to rise and rise and thus resulting in putting back on the weight I had already lost. I knew straight away that it was time for major changes again and this time, changes that I will want to stick too all year round.

So it was out with the junk food and comfort food and in with the fresh salads, fish, chicken and pulses. I have now been on this regime again for just under a week and already I have lost 2 pounds just by changing and tweaking my diet.

Also from this change in diet I have found that my mood is improving again and my sleep pattern is getting better. It is hard to believe that what we put into our bodies can alter so much of our psyche and body patterns. But I guess it is true what they say “The Body is a Temple” in my case at the moment its more of a Cathedral than a mere temple but I’m sure that in a few weeks I can downgrade my religious status to a Church or Chapel.

It truly is a time to reflect on how much I have learned about dieting and foodstuffs that enabled me to implement this change overnight and in a way that benefited me immediately. As the title of the post says “Weight Gained Body Drained A Time for Restrain.”

Weight Gained Body Drained A Time for Restrain.

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