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Stevia Sweetener Agave Nectar



Well week 5 already and I am into my second month of this challenge, I weighed myself today and I am pleased to report that In the last week I have lost another 3 pounds, that brings my total weight lost to date to nearly 2 stone or 28 pounds.
I am really happy at the way things are going, I’m finding that I have a new outlook on food and mealtimes now. Opting for the healthier option over the unhealthy option every time.

More substitutions.


I thought that there was nothing much left to substitute or change around, but I am finding tweaks can be made to make my diet even healthier and reducing the calories further.

Stevia The Wonder Sweetener.
Coffee without one sugar in it just wasn’t tasting like coffee should, so I needed an alternative to granulated refined sugar and I found my alternative from the most unlikely of sources Stevia.
Stevia is a South American herb used as a natural sweetener for centuries. The leaves of the Stevia rebaudiana plant have a refreshing taste, zero glycemic index, zero calories and zero carbs. It is nature’s best sugar alternative!
That is taken from the Truvia website Truvia are the manufacturers of the sweetener I have switched too in place of sugar in my coffee, I find it to be just as sweet as sugar and cannot tell the difference in taste.
Each sweetener tablet as Zero Calories so my skinny coffee just became anorexic!


Agave Nectar.
My porridge was beginning to take on a bland taste and I needed something to liven it up. My first thought was Jam or Golden syrup as I do like both of those. Then I stumbled upon Agave Nectar and tried it today for the first time. Wow what a taste sensation, I added one teaspoon (around 30 calories) to my porridge and stirred it in thoroughly, it is a well-known fact that agave nectar is 1.5 times sweeter than sugar so the taste of the porridge improved immediately. I will probably just use half a teaspoon as the sweetness of this product is mind-blowing. It is worth noting that Agave Nectar is by no way an alternative to sugar when it comes to reducing calorie intake as Agave is actually slightly higher in calories than refined sugar. But as a replacement taste wise I would say Agave knocks the pants off refined sugar.


Now comes the BUT….


As you can see from my writings above I have developed a positive outlook to my diet on a whole, that’s why the letter I received today from my doctor came as a shock. Upon opening and reading the letter it has come to light from a blood test that I am borderline type 2 diabetic. To say I felt fear when I read this is an understatement, I don’t need any more illnesses I have enough conditions to cope with already. But I have to go for another blood test to see if the condition has worsened since my last test. I realise that I have done this to myself and that I am responsible for this happening, from years of abusing my body with alcohol and fatty foods. That doesn’t make it any the more easier to swallow though and I can’t help feeling that I may have started my dieting too late. But upon reflection it is no good feeling sorry for myself, I have began to make the changes to my lifestyle that will go a long way to helping manage this illness, although from what I have just read on the internet it is a progressive illness that will in time more than likely need medication to treat it. I guess I have a lot of research ahead of me in the next few days to learn all about the latest addition to my conditions, I swear I could write a medical journal on what I have wrong with me. Well at the very least I could write a fairy-tale…….Grim.

stevia sweetener agave nectar

Thanks for reading.
Peace out
Martin x


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