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Salads and how to make them interesting.

Salads and how to make them interesting.


Salads have to be one of the best meals you can have, full of vitamins and minerals. Next to no cooking involved and very easy to prepare. But there is no disputing the fact that most salad leaves can be at best bland. So I have been experimenting with ways to pump up the flavour of my salads to the max.

When  I prepare a salad I try to select as many different vegetables as I can, to try to add as much variety in taste as I can. From various lettuces to peppers and tomatoes it is important to include as many different tastes and textures to a salad to keep things interesting.

As well as keeping the salads as varied as possible there are other things that I have been adding to my salads to give them a little zing.

Celery Salt: I came across this by accident whilst out shopping and not been a fan of salt I was dubious as to what it would be like. As the name suggests this product has a taste of celery, but the flavour is a lot fuller than the flavour obtained from fresh celery almost to the point of tasting a little bitter. I sprinkle a couple of pinches of this over my prepared salad just before serving. I have found that sprinkling this onto freshly sliced tomatoes seems to intensify their sweetness and flavour ten fold.Salads and how to make them interesting.

Garlic Pepper: I have to admit, I love ground pepper and tend to over use it on my food. So when I saw garlic pepper I was intrigued to try it. As the name suggests this is a white ground pepper with garlic ground into it. The flavour is intense and gives a satisfying amount of heat any salad. Used in combination with the Celery salt it makes for an explosion of taste that will set your taste buds on fire.

Salads and how to make them interesting.

Infused Oils: Most shop bought dressings and vinaigrettes contain so many calories and high amounts of salt and fat that I steer clear of them. Preferring instead to drizzle oil that has been infused with herbs over my salad. My three favourite infusions at the moment are: Rosemary and Garlic, Dill Oil and White Truffle. These oils are best used individually as the flavours infused into them can tend to clash with those of other oils. 


Of course all of these additions as listed above can be used in lots of other dishes not just salads, so they make a valuable addition to anyone’s store cupboard. Also by adding things like croutons, hard-boiled egg, feta cheese, you can expand the flavour range of your salads. And with accompanying sides of rice, pasta, potatoes etc. you can indulge in a healthy and flavorsome feast.

Salads and how to make them interesting.


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