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Herbal Tea’s


Heaven in a bag.


I have recently started to drink herbal teas, that is teas that are primarily made up of ingredients other than tea. There is such a huge range on the market nowadays and if you include the black, white and green teas the range becomes endless. Having tried herbal teas before and not liking them, I was pleasantly surprised this time around at just how much improved they have become.


Flavour for everyone.


There really is a flavour to suit everyone’s palette, whether you like your fruit infusions or the more general plainer teas, or if indeed like me you prefer the more adventurous flavours such as chilli chai.
I do prefer the more adventurous combinations of flavours but that’s not to say that they are the best, it’s more down to personal preference and your own taste buds really, but I will try to give you an insight into some of the flavours I have purchased recently to give you and idea of what is on the market, should you like to add them to your next shopping list. Most brands and flavours are available at most big name supermarkets and the more obscure brands and flavours are available online most of which I buy from Amazon.

The King of Tea’s.


To me Chai has got to be my number one choice, it’s the only flavour from years ago that I actually liked and it is the flavour I went for when I bought this latest batch of tea’s. Chai is usually a spiced tea that can include ingredients such as Cinnamon, nutmeg and cloves. To name but a few, it can be drank with or without milk, I prefer without milk as I find the taste is more flavoursome without milk added. The thing I like about Chai style teas is that they give you a warm inside feeling as you drink them and they have a kind of mystical and exotic feel to them.
Chilli Chai is the latest Chai that I have tried, it is made by TeaPigs and widely available, Teapigs products are expensive and average around £5.00 for 15 tea bags or as they refer to them “tea Temples”. But you get what you pay for and I have yet to find a tea by teapigs that didn’t taste great. And the Chilli Chai is no exception, it is based on Chai teas but with the addition of cardamom and chilli flakes that give it a really nice warming after kick that leaves your insides glowing, perfect for winter nights in front of the television.

A Close Second.


Peppermint teas are my second favourite tea flavour, usually made with 100% peppermint leaves they have a cool and reinvigorating taste to them that lasts all the way to the bottom of the cup. I also find that peppermint tea relaxes me and is a good tea to drink near bedtime.
I have yet to try Spearmint tea or any of the mint concoctions on the market and there are lots.



Others I have Bought.


One that is worth mentioning is by a company called Four O’clock and its called Gingerbread tea, to say this brew is divine is an understatement. It is rapidly becoming part of my daily tea routine. As the name suggests it as a flavour that tastes more like gingerbread than actual gingerbread does. It fills your nostrils with all those sweet spicy aromas that you would normally associate with Christmas and then when you taste it, at first it doesn’t really taste and then it kicks in and you have an explosion of flavour in your mouth, after swallowing this liquid heaven, you are treated to a sweet aftertaste in your mouth and a warming feeling as the tea makes its way to you tummy. Definitely one to try as we approach Christmas. I got mine from amazon and it was £4.34 for 25 tea bags which each come individually wrapped (nice touch).
I have yet to try the following flavours I have bought. Crème Caramel and Sweet Cookies. But as soon as I have tried them I will let you know how they taste.


Selection Boxes.4


It’s worth noting that lots of tea producers have selection boxes, where they give you a couple of each flavour for you to try as a taster. I have just bought one of these by The English Tea Company and it came with 96 Bags and there are 12 different flavours to try. The set I bought was a festive set with all Christmas named teas in it, but there are more general selections out there and worth buying if you want to try a tea before committing to buying a box of 15 or more tea bags.


herbal tea's

Thanks for Reading and Happy Brewing

Peace out
Martin x


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