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Dieting Changes In Me Weight Loss Challenge


As I was preparing my main meal today, it suddenly dawned on me just what a massive overall has taken place in my lifestyle. The meal I was preparing was chilli con carne, rice and extra kidney beans. This in itself is somewhat of a revelation, compared to the junk I used to consume on a daily basis.

It’s not only my diet that is starting to show huge improvements, it is also becoming apparent what a benefit losing weight is having on my body as a whole. From having more energy, to becoming more alert. My quality of life improves with each passing day.

When I think I used to get out of breath, just from climbing a flight of stairs. It makes me realise just how close I probably came to a heart attack. Now I find that I have lots more energy to do more things on a daily basis.

My clothes are starting to fit me better and some even to the point that they are too large for me now. My body is regaining a shape to it that has been absent for so long, I have to look twice when I catch my reflection in a mirror.

Missing you….


Things that I do miss are chips, bacon sandwiches, fried eggs, sausages, tomato ketchup, in fact any kind of full fat sauce that I used to eat daily. I never really ate a lot of chocolate or cakes, but my downfall was always biscuits. Which I would happily consume a packet of in one sitting. Crisps also used to play a large part in my diet, I do miss salt and vinegar flavour crisps as they were my favourite. But none of the things I miss, would tempt me to revert back to eating them.

This is something I thought I would never say ” I like healthy food.” Gone are the days when health food meant a bowl of lentils flavoured with a stock cube! Now there are so many healthy foods on the market you really are spoilt for choice.

Excuses, excuses….


My favourite excuse for my poor diet was that I couldn’t afford to buy the healthier options. I can tell you now, it is a poor excuse. I am finding that the food I consume now is by far less expensive than the food I used to eat.

The thing I enjoy most about this new diet, is the fact that I am never hungry. I think that is the key to successful dieting. Not starving yourself, but doing as the Chinese people do, eat a little but often. It really does work.

With the festive season approaching and people’s thoughts start to turn towards new years resolutions, if you are planning a diet as your new years resolution, I hope the information I am trying to convey through these posts will go a little way to helping you achieve your goal. If I can do this weight loss thing then anyone can! Join me and see the change in you, just as I can see the dieting changes in me weight loss challenge. Dieting Changes In Me Weight Loss Challenge




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