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Christmas Promises Dieting Hell.




Well as we hurtle towards the Christmas period, I find myself becoming more and more aware of the fact that everything at Christmas is calorific!

No escape.


No matter where you turn in the run up to Christmas, you come face to face with some kind of advert for a food stuff that you just know would pile pounds on were you to consume it. Every billboard, every magazine and even every inch of the internet is covered with these adverts for the food that makes Christmas feel special. It makes me wonder if it has always been like this or if I am noticing it more now I am dieting. But I have told myself to stay strong and I have devised a plan of action to deal with the “go on its Christmas” comments that I normally receive when declining something at this time of year.

The Plan.


There is no way in the world I am going to restrict myself on Christmas day, so I have come to the decision that Christmas day and boxing day are not part of my diet. I am in no way going to binge eat just for the sake of eating, but if I fancy a chocolate after my Christmas dinner and whilst watching the Christmas movie on television, I shall indulge in one or two. And if I fancy a glass of wine Christmas night I shall partake in one of those too.

Christmas dinner.


When you think about it Christmas dinner isn’t that bad of a meal for someone who is on a diet, a loaded plate of vegetables and a portion of white chicken meat ( I’m not a fan of turkey) that isn’t that many calories really. It’s the evening meal that will be the calorific part, in our household on Christmas day we have a buffet type meal, sandwiches, Quiche, sausage roll etc. this is where my relaxing of the calorie counting will come into play. But my theory is, if I can eat hearty bowl of porridge in the morning and then fill up with veggies at dinner time, come tea time I will be just wanting a snack or finger food that I can nibble on. Alcohol will be the calorie buster, Christmas is the only time that I partake in alcoholic beverages and whilst I don’t consume many they are all high in calories, but there is no way around that one so I will just have to bite the bullet and suffer in silence as I sip on my dark rum haha.


My advice to anyone who is dieting at this time of year is to do what I am going to do and have a calorie amnesty for two days over the Christmas period. The chances are because you are so used to a lower calorie diet, you wont eat too much of the bad foods. But if you do over indulge and lets face it, everyone tends too at Christmas. Then don’t feel bad about it or guilty in any way, you have worked hard to get to this point and you deserve a little treat. So enjoy the chocolates and mince pies, partake in a glass of sherry. Then after your amnesty you will feel inspired to crack on with the diet again in full gusto.



Christmas Promises Dieting Hell

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