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Calorific Christmas Aftermath.



Is it just me, or is it getting progressively harder to get back into a routine now that the festivities are over for another year?

I did what I intended to do and ate like a king over Christmas and truly indulged myself with all the niceties that go hand in hand with this calorific time of year. I have also partaken in a few alcoholic beverages too, well it was Christmas after all.
So this morning I decided that it was time to face up to the last week of gorging myself and step onto the scales to see what damage I had done to my weight loss regime….

Well I never!!!


Okay let me set the scene, it is 5am and still dark outside. I carefully lay the scales down on the floor and tap them with my big toe to awaken them from their slumber. I step forward like a man stepping forward into a noose on the gallows and suddenly realise that I am still wearing my thick winter sweater, oh well its too late now, I am in position and the scales are busy computing my weight for me. So I stand very still and wait for the bad news to flash up on the small display. Finally I plucked up enough courage to look down and to my absolute disbelief the figure that I was confronted with was less than the last weigh in and not just a few ounces less, the scales were reading 3 pounds less than before Christmas, bearing in mind my huge winter sweater which must weigh a couple of pounds at least! That is at the very worst a loss of 4 pounds over Christmas. Well I never!!

Confused happiness.


So as I sat sipping my morning cuppa, I began to think of all the chocolate, cake, cream, booze and all the rest of it that I had consumed over the Christmas period and I have still managed to lose weight!! To say I am flabbergasted is a total understatement, I was honestly expecting to of gained at least a stone in weight. So the result of losing weight sent me into a state of confused euphoria.
Onwards and upwards from here on in, if I can lose weight at this time of year surely it must get easier now? I guess time will tell, I for one can’t wait to get back to my healthy diet, if I see another mince-pie, I swear I will throw it across the room!!

Calorific Christmas Aftermath

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