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Bipolar Bear Weight Loss Diary Day One.



Today saw the start of my new weight loss program and already my eyes have been opened to things that I would normally eat and drink.
I have always led myself to believe that I don’t eat a lot everyday, but what I didn’t realise was, the things that I am eating everyday are absolutely packed with calories.
This might seem obvious to most people but I really thought I was eating healthily until I started my food diary today.

Food Diary Day 1 Entries:



Chicken Tikka Curry – 522Kcal
Basmati White Rice – 396Kcal
5 White Tortilla Wraps 910Kcal
1 330ml Can Irn Bru – 138Kcal

Total – 1966Kcal

As you can see above my calorie intake for my main meal is astronomical and a real eye opener!
It’s obvious to me that I need to cut right down on the amount of wraps or bread that I consume with a meal. It really shocked me when I calculated the total calorie intake from my one meal is close to my recommended maximum daily allowance.

Evening Food


1 x 330ml Can Tizer – 53Kcal
3 x Gala Apples – 120Kcal
1 x Beef Pot Noodle – 436Kcal


1 x Mini Cheddars – 125Kcal
1 x Hula hoops – 128Kcal

Daily Total – 2838Kcal

A definite Eye opener and something that I will have to address tomorrow, I can see where I am failing and how I can improve what I am eating throughout the day. Below is a BMI calculator I have found that you may find useful if you wish to give this kind of thing a try at any time.





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